A place away from home. Experience the vibrant, fresh flavour combinations of the South East Asian World. Casual and contemporary, yet elegant and classic, Singapore House offers you a culinary journey in a friendly, relaxed manner.

A variety of spice levels accommodate the needs of all family members through-out our menu selection of street food, larger, share menu, and feed me options.

Catering for casual dining, parties, events and special dining occasions, Singapore House has many different and interesting corners, nooks and private / quieter spaces.


Montie Waraich – Head Chef
Food is Montie’s communicator. He tells a dynamic story with a combination of flavours from his Indian childhood and the present day, translating South East Asian food into a contemporary casual dining experience.

Montie grew up in a North Indian village with an adoring family where he loved his mother’s humble home cooking. Being the favourite of sons, Montie’s family followed him to live in Australia. His menus reflect his love of cooking for his wife Hailey, who has a Euro-Sri Lankan background.

Classically trained with a yen for Asian flavours his dynamic cultural heritage drew him to the diversity of Singaporean food. His menus are a perfect fit for South Australia with its easy living, friendly, country style.

Montie Waraich Head Chef Singapore House

The ideals of continual improvement combined with a good dose of perfectionism and ritual drive Montie Waraich’s kitchen.